The Orator The Student News Site of Omaha Bryan High School Sun, 01 Mar 2020 00:31:43 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Gates named new assistant principal, school down one dean Thu, 30 Jan 2020 18:21:40 +0000 After months of being without a data assistant principal, Melissa Gates has been picked for the position. The past data assistant principal had to leave in the middle of the semester due to medical issues. 

Her new role is now very different, as she has some new things to get used to. She must collect data about the school, teacher evaluations and master schedules. She also must plan special ceremonies for student recognition and bell schedule. Gates also schedules all professional development in the building. 

Gates has been working at the building for 17 years and was previously the dean for students with the last names E-J. She was also a social studies teacher. As a dean, Gates disciplined students often. 

Having a new position is something to get used to. Gates is currently still finding new things to do and accepts that the longer she’s here the more she’ll find to do. 

I am just beginning to understand the whole magnitude associated with this position, but I really look forward to the challenges that are associated with it,” Gates said.  

Currently, the school is down a dean, which means that Gates oversees her current position and her old position. 

“She is still doing her alpha so she’s kind of doing a double duty for a few months, just to make the transition a little easier for everyoneactivity director assistant principal James Cunningham said. 

The new dean is said to be announced sometime in August, meaning that next school year administration spots will be filled for the first time since principal Dr. Rony Ortega has been here. 

Most future deans are going to be teachers and we don’t want to pull a teacher out of their class room to fill in an administrator position at the middle of the year, because then we’re impacting a lot of kids who might be without a teacher” Ortega said. 

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Speaking for change, teen given hate Fri, 24 Jan 2020 01:40:47 +0000 Time magazine person of the year, 17-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has been receiving tons of hate for the work she’s been doing when in reality she’s one of the bravest people out there finally speaking up for an overdue topic

Thunberg is an inspiration talking about touchy topics like rising sea levels and ice caps melting things are quickly going bad for our planet. while standing up to people in charge she’s created a name for herself and got well deserved recognition as she is making a huge difference for the future of our planet. While becoming a house held name Thunberg has received undeserved backlash for many powerful people.

Donald Trump childishly mocked her by tweeting “She seems like a happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future so nice to see.” Being only 17 she had her fair share of struggles getting people to take her seriously. Many people still don’t. By speaking out Thunberg has been called a “mentally ill Swedish child” by Michael Knowles.

Close minded people have spoken out against her saying she’s just a kid, she has anger problems or that she shouldn’t be taken seriously and that she doesn’t know what’s happening. These people are clealy uneducated about her because she knows a lot about this.

Thunberg might be young but she’s very intelligent she knows what’s going on and has created a bigger platform then anyone and got the topic being talked about more. Thunberg is an amazing young girl and a great role model for others who want to do something but don’t mow how. She’s a voice for the new generation of teens that will have to grow up in the polluted earth that has been left for us and Thunberg isn’t going to deal with it.

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Students make profit off of their own makeup buisness Thu, 23 Jan 2020 19:58:09 +0000 As high school students search for their first job, two of them have already started a business of their own and are making profit while in school. 

One student, Jacqueline Luna, a senior at Bryan High school got the idea of starting her business as she was shopping for eyelashes with her mom and she made a joke about making her own since they cost a lot. Luna decided to start selling 3D mink eyelashes in Dec. 2019 through her social media after finding a website where she customized her very own eyelashes in four different styles. 

“When I was making my own eyelashes, I thought about other girls and how it would be a good idea to sell them and make my own money,” Luna said. 

Her business is an all-natural cosmetic business in which she hand makes all her products sold on her website that are later mailed to clients all over the country. Her products have a variety of oils such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil, tee tree oil, and vitamin E oil. 

 Luna’s 3D mink eyelashes are sold for $10 each and come in four different styles which are Zun, Ziva, Twinkle, and Velvet. 3D meaning the lashes have a fuzzy layered end so they don’t lay flat and the mink holds the curl in the lash better than other regular false lashes. 

Her business works by contacting her through Facebook to order her lashes which are later delivered to clients around Omaha personally by her. 

Luna’s lashes are made from shedding’s of mink fur which make the lashes durable and soft. To get the lashes she needs she gives the company she works with, Zivalash, the desired length and style and they get them to her in about two weeks depending on the amount she orders.  

Luna’s focuses on school and getting her assignments done and out of the way before delivering orders to her clients. She takes care of most of her orders on the weekends as well as during her free time on afternoons during the week. 

Another student is Deja Allen, a sophomore at Omaha South High School started her small business in Feb. 2019 when she realized she didn’t want to work at an ordinary fast food place. She started selling beauty products such as lip gloss, lip scrub, lips balm, and facial spray on her online store, Dazzledglossco. 

“My products are handmade and made with all-natural products, I make sure to research all benefits so I’m only using the best products,” Allen said. 

Prices for Allen’s glosses are $3-$7, depending on the container (twist pen $3, squeeze tube $5, and wand tube $7), her balm is $5, and her green tea facial spray is $8. 

“I started because of my love for lip glosses and facial sprays and not always knowing exactly what’s in them,” Allen said. 

Allen talked about how she maintains the balance between school and work. 

“At times it gets hard to balance the two but one thing I really can’t do is procrastinate,” Allen said. 

“Don’t give up and work your way up,” Luna said. 

Allen’s advice to those who plan on starting their own small business in the cosmetology category or not, is for them to never give up and stay passionate about their small business because everything will eventually ease itself out. Luna also gave advice to other young entrepreneurs. 

Both ladies plan on making their small business grow and become a well-known brand in the future.

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PSA: No means no Thu, 23 Jan 2020 19:04:00 +0000 0 Student Council fund-raises for new water fountains Sun, 19 Jan 2020 21:03:48 +0000      Student Council is currently raising money for new water fountains to be installed around the school.  The goal is to have them installed during the summer. These fountains will be updated models that come with a water bottle filling station. 

     “We (Student Council) are going to do a variety of events, such as Penny Wars and maybe selling Bear Wear,” Student Council co-sponsor Kathryn McWilliams said. 

     Student Council co-sponsor , Jodi Hazuka, thinks these water fountains will benefit students. 

     “This is going to help because students can bring their refillable water bottles, fill them up there and then they don’t have to be going out to the hallway for drinks as often and we can also cut back on plastic bottles as well,” co-Student Council director Jodi Hazuka said. 

     Many students already voiced their excitement for these new fountains. 

     “I’m excited for these new water fountains because I am able to fill up my water bottle easily and it’ll fill all the way up without it touching the water fountain,” freshman Student Council member Jessica Conway said. 

     The money for these fountains will come from various fundraisers Student Council is planning. One of these includes Penny Wars in which students will put pennies in their class’ jar to gain points. Senior Student Council president, Ashley Roth, talked about how the money from this fundraiser can help people.  

     “They will have a place to refill their water and it will save money for those who have to buy water bottles at lunch or from the vending machine,” Roth said. 

     Student Council will be running Penny Wars from Jan. 15 through Jan. 17. They will also be holding other fundraisers throughout the rest of second semester. Junior Class Officers will also be assisting in raising money by donating money if Student Council does not raise enough.

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School takes precautions for student safety Sun, 19 Jan 2020 20:53:46 +0000 Last week, during second block, K-9 officer Peace arrived to school to detect prohibited objects containing gunpowder. 

Though the school is affiliated with Bellevue Police Department, the Omaha Police Department will send Peace and Remi, another K-9, to OPS schools to ensure the safety of students and staff. 

“It’s not going to affect school operations in any way, if anything its just going to keep us safer,school resource officer Ashley Meyers said. 

Peace is Nebraska’s first firearm-detection K-9. She comes from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, where she was expertly trained with her partner Officer Dan Torres. 

“If there is suspicion we will call the dog in to come and check out a few things,” security guard Lee Jones said. 

If Peace were to bring attention to a firework rather than a firearm in somebody’s possession, the person holding would still face consequences for having a prohibited object. 

“Even if it’s not a gun, Peace will still identify those items that are not appropriate for school use and are potentially dangerous,” assistant principal James Cunningham said. 

Peace, and Remi, will have random check-ins at OPS schools, focused on searching lockers to keep safety a priority in schools. Students are advised to treat Peace with respect, and not bother during inspections. 

“She is a working dog, so she needs to be treated as such,” Officer Meyers said. 

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Winter weather predicted, new policy could be implemented Thu, 16 Jan 2020 19:38:27 +0000 With the predicted inclimate weather for tomorrow, the district’s new policy for snow days may be put into effect. Earlier this school year Omaha Public Schools adopted a policy that would include late starts and early outs for poor weather conditions in addition to full snow days.

Much like when it comes to calling a full snow day, students and parents will be notified either the night before, or by 5 a.m. the day of a late start or early out via emails and auto-calls from OPS.

“The goal is to not lose so much instructional time,” principal Dr. Rony Ortega said. “This is a compromise where it would allow for kids and families to be able to get here later, but also get the instruction in as well.”

If a later start is put into effect, all OPS schools will start two hours late. For high school that would be 9:40 a.m. Students would report directly to their A1 or B2 class.  They would then go to A5 or B6 from 10:45 a.m. to 12:55 a.m. which would include lunch. After that they would go to A3 or B4 followed by their A7 or B8 class. All classes except the lunch block (A5/B6) would only be one hour long instead of the normal hour and 26 minutes. CREW will not be held if there is a late start or early out.

Similarly, the schedule would be altered to accommodate an early out. School would start at the normal time of 7:40. Students would go to A1 or B2, then A3 or B4 for an hour each and then A7 or B8. Then they would end the day with A5 or B6 for an hour and 26 minutes including lunch.

In the past the district has been criticized for canceling school for inclimate weather on days where conditions didn’t get as bad as predicted, and they have been criticized for not canceling when it was worse than predicted. The new policy allows for more instruction time without having to risk dangerous driving conditions.

“Having late start would help us student because we’ll be able to come to school, but also be able to drive safely without being in a rush,” sophomore Nataly Gomez said.

Sophomore Layna Blankenship also agrees with the policy change.

“After school, right at 3:05, the roads start getting packed,” Blankenship said. “Us having early release would help cut down the amount of traffic on the roads when the weather’s bad.”

And while most are happy with the policy change the lack of an early dismissal on Jan. 10, when winter weather hit in the afternoon causing several back-ups and some accidents, had several students and staff members asking why.

“I feel like they should have had an early release last Friday,” junior Sophia Rubenstein said. “It took me 35 minutes to get home and I only live 2 minutes away. ” If we let out early, kids would have gotten home on time and more safely. It’s better to leave before the storm and not during it.”

Following the bad weather on Friday, the district sent out a robo-call on Jan. 13 to all families explaining the new policy.

While some students like sophomore Daisy Corona worry that students who are bused will encounter some issues, the district says that bus routes will be adjusted to accommodate any changes in the schedule including late starts and early releases.

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Coffeehouse offers entertainment, drinks Fri, 13 Dec 2019 21:55:49 +0000 Walking into Sozo Coffeehouse, located on 13th and Jones Streets, guests are greeted by baristas and a calm atmosphere.

There is a recreational area that is open anywhere from 7 p.m. until midnight which has board games, pool tables for rent, foosball and other games for people who are looking for a chill experience.

“I just didn’t want to be in bars, and this was like the only place that I could find that isn’t a bar at all with pool tables and they are cheap too,” Sozo barista Nathan Williason said.

The pool tables can be rented for 30- minute for only $2. The board games can be borrowed in exchange for an ID, study rooms are available for booking.

“We heard a lot about it from people we go with at Central [High school] that play here. So we just walk here after school, so its really convenient,” twin brothers, Sinatra and Dexter Skillestad said together.

In addition to recreational activities, he cafe also offers a variety of drinks and snacks. The two most popular signature drinks in the shop are Sunshine and The Hello Kitty. The signature drinks have been on Sozo’s menu since the beginning when it first opened and were created by the first staff of baristas working.

The Sunshine is a banana bread latte with hazelnut, banana and vanilla syrups. The Hello Kitty is a caramel, hazelnut blended latte.
For customers who aren’t keen on coffee drinks, tea and hot chocolate are also available. Additionally, lactose free beverages are on the menu.

Study rooms are also available to be rented for $2 to $5 per hour, depending on the room requested.

“The study rooms are really good because they have couches there and places to sit that are comfortable and its noise canceling,” senior Angel Segura-Pacheco said.

Sozo also holds several events which are announced though social media every other week. They have had comedians, bands, karaoke, and other live shows for entertainment. They also held a gingerbread house building competition on Dec. 7

“We do it to build a community,” manager, Alyssa Bussu said. “We try to keep it family friendly.”

Bussu stated that it was a place designed to be a safe environment for everyone, with the goal to provide a high-quality customer service in whatever is being displayed at Sozo.

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Going up Fri, 13 Dec 2019 21:51:01 +0000 The varsity wrestling team who is currently 5-2, is well on its way to reaching the goal of a team placement in February’s NSAA State Wrestling Tournament.

The team clinched a solid win against Lincoln Northeast (60-24) and Bellevue West (59-24) on Tuesday.

Competitors who helped secure the win, going 2-0 for the night, were: sophomores Angel Reyes, Theodore Pokett, sophomore Chase Pokett, and Yusuf Mohamed, juniors Mohamud Abdi and Carlos Jimenez Fuentes and seniors Noor Salat, Abdi Mohamed and Jaylon Walker.

“I feel great, Yusuf Mohamed said. “I could work a little more, but overall I feel really proud of myself.”

Their season opener was the Friday Night Fracas, hosted by Nebraska City High School on Dec. 6. The team earned third place with wins over Bancroft Rosalie Lyons Decatur (78-6), Winnebago (69-9) and Westpoint-Beemer (64-6). Their losses came from Nebraska City (24-45) and Millard North (30-42).

“It was a little under my expectations, but it’s just working the kinks out getting everything down,” Susjnar said. “We just got to get better and better every day.”

However four wrestlers are undefeated and three of them are currently ranked in Class A. Walker who is ranked 2nd for the 220-pound weight class, Abdi Mohamed is ranked 6th for 132-pound weight class, Salat who is ranked 7th for the 113-pound weight class and Chase Pokett are all 7-0 on the season. Mohamed Abdi who is 6-1 on the season is also ranked 7th for the 106-pound weight class.

“It feels good cause I really worked hard in the off season and I’m just trying to keep the record up,” Walker said.

The team will be put to the test on Saturday in the Crete Invite where they will take on 14 teams, many of which are tough opponents like Thayer Central who’s ranked 3rd in Class D, Milford High who is ranked 7th in Class C, Central City and Adam Central.

“We have had some early success so far,” Susnjar said. “But we still do a lot do a lot of silly stuff that we need to capitalize.”

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Lady Bears losing streak ended Fri, 13 Dec 2019 21:49:20 +0000 Obtaining a win at the season opener on Dec. 5 against rival Omaha South (46-35) ended the varsity girls basketball team’s 21-game losing streak.

The team credits their team-centered attitude for the win.

“We needed to take accountability, be more positive and see that it is more of a 32-minute game, not a two second game,” senior Jailaiyah Rouse said. “If we make a mistake, we need to learn from that.”

Mistakes were made and lessons were learned the next night in their game against Millard South. The girls fell 8-87.

“We fell off with lack of communication,” junior Tri’Nique Sherrod said. “Our defense over rotated our zones. We basically just let them get into our heads.”

However, the girls have taken the loss in stride and are keeping their heads up and are focused on getting better as a team, not just as individuals.

“It’s more of what can we do to help you get better,” Sherrod said. “We all say we’re as weak as our weakest player on the court.”

And while they are 1-1, the girls are showing improvement on the court in general with 40 more points on the board already this season compared to this time last year.

The team will face off against the undefeated Fremont tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the Bear Cave.

The Tigers are 3-0, winning against Bellevue West and Omaha Benson by over 35 points each. They also beat Westside in a closer game (50-43) on Dec. 7.

“I feel like we’ve been practicing hard to prepare for it [Saturday],” junior Katalina King said. We need to continue “working on working together.”

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